Andrea is a designer who is passionate about colour and its transformative power.

Andrea understands the power of colour and how it can change our lives for the better - by creating harmony in our homes, adding authenticity to our business and building confidence in ourselves.

She designs game changing colour schemes for both people and places and teaches colour and creativity workshops with enthusiasm and passion.

“Through colour I am simply showing people themselves - an insight into who they really are”

On her website you will find resources to help you understand colour psychology ; tips on how to create that perfect harmonious scheme for your home ; how to use colour and creativity to discover yourself.

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Interior Colour

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Personal Colour

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Creative Workshops

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Colour collaboration

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" I had felt a little daunted about the prospect of using colour in my new home but Andrea’s workshop gave me time, guidance and support to explore colour using colour psychology. Andrea’s ‘hands on’ approach was inspirational and motivating and I now have a clear starting point for decorating my new home.”

Rebecca Jones

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