Andrea is a colour consultant who is passionate about colour and its transformative power. She intuitively understands the positive influence of colour harmony and how combined with the science of colour psychology, it can be used to enhance our living and working environments and ultimately enhance our lives.

Designing spaces is so much more than creating something that is visually pleasing. The home or workplace needs to support the occupants psychologically or reflect and uphold the brand values of a business. As a colour consultant, it’s Andrea’s job to not only look at the aesthetic qualities of colour in a space but to take into account how colour will affect who is using it and how it will be used. Using the theories of applied colour psychology together with her understanding of how colour ‘works’, she then interprets this knowledge into colour schemes that combine both the aesthetic qualities and the psychological qualities of colour that perfectly ‘fits’ the environment and the occupant.

“My mission is to show people how to use colour in the most effective way to create environments that have a positive impact on the people who use it, whether it’s a home, workplace or community space.”


Why do our colour choices matter ?

Colour is the simplest yet most powerful element of design that creates an immediate impact on how we ‘feel’ in a space. We all respond to different colours in a positive or negative way, whether we are aware of it or not. In your home it’s important that the colours reflect your family personality type. In business and branding it’s important that your colour choice enhances your brand by reflecting your brand identity and adding authenticity to your brand message.

Andrea always puts the client at the heart of each project, delivering effective colour strategies for clients whether its for a home, workplace, to increase sales through business branding, property development or simply as a tool to help people recognise their gifts and talents.

“Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”

Oscar Wilde

Let’s work together


Your Home

Would you like to create a home that is a true reflection of your family style and isn’t just something lifted from a magazine ? Are you fed up of buying endless test pots and still worry about getting it ‘wrong’. Creating spaces that truly relate to you and your family is what I do and what I’m really good at - we can work together to discover the colours that you are naturally drawn to and create a colour scheme that is supportive and inspiring to you and your family. You will also discover why you are drawn to certain design styles and gain clarity and confidence in your choices.

“Some people think they need an interior designer but I honestly believe that all they need is someone like Andrea to help them choose colours and they would be well on their way.

I just love chatting with you, your enthusiasm is infectious !”

Nerys Rodgers


Commercial Interiors

Would you like to enhance your client offering by providing a clear, harmonious colour and design scheme that really resonates with the client and their design brief ? It’s easy to create spaces that ‘tick boxes’ but wouldn’t it be better if you could create a space that not only looked amazing but it was something that enhanced the brand message and experience. Using applied colour psychology and an innate knowledge of how colour works in a space I can help you achieve just that.

“Just wanted to say thank so much for today, I had the best time ! Feeling very excited and empowered about the process…. can’t thank you enough- and you move quick, you really KNOW colour ! Very impressive”

Clare Anderson - Kuribela Discovery


Workshops and lectures


Wall Art

" I had felt a little daunted about the prospect of using colour in my new home but Andrea’s workshop gave me time, guidance and support to explore colour using the theories of colour psychology. Andrea’s ‘hands on’ approach was inspirational and motivating and I now have a clear starting point for decorating my new home.”

Rebecca Jones


Lecturing to students at Trinity St Davids Swansea

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