Colour in your home, harmony in your spaces and a vibrant life of creative self expression. 

Colour, art and creative expression have the power to transform our experience of life, from dull drab and disconnected to something that is richer, more vibrant and all together more enjoyable. 

When we use it in design, colour creates immediate impact and an emotional connection that transforms spaces and the way we feel. Using it well in our homes, can actively support us in getting more of what we want from life. 

When we create and use art and colour to express ourselves we grow in awareness, discover more of who we are and open up new worlds of possibility. 

Andrea Curtis is an artist, designer, consultant and teacher working to bring colour, individuality and the joy of creative expression to people and places across the UK.

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“I love to show you how to use colour in the most effective way, to create an environment that supports, nurtures and inspires you and has a positive impact on your life.”


Colour Consultancy

The confidence that comes from having a colour palette that is right for you and your home is transformative. Knowing that the colours you surround yourself with, work for your space, support you emotionally and are a reflection of who you are is so empowering.

Colour Consultancy is the first step in any design or renovation project and gives you the right foundations on which to build a beautiful scheme that you will love.


Creative Room Scheming

You are wonderfully unique, so why should your home be anything but a representation of that beautiful individuality? Generic, cookie cutter interiors with no creativity, flair or personality can all too easily become the backdrop to a bland and uninspiring life. By taking a creative approach to room scheming you can bring the personal touch of the artist’s hand into your home.


Workshops and lectures

Andrea is a brilliantly funny, engaging and expert tutor and workshop leader, passionate about teaching people to use colour in transformative ways.

Working with industry professionals and individuals from all walks of life, Andrea’s workshops, retreats and lectures are always practical, informative and utterly inspiring.


Commercial Interiors

Leverage the power of your space to tell your brand story. The spaces where you do business provide you with the perfect opportunity to powerfully convey your brand story and enhance customer and staff experience.

Using applied colour psychology and an in-depth knowledge of how colour works in an environment, Andrea is expert at taking your brand story and translating it into the interior spaces of your business with incredible effect.


" I had felt a little daunted about the prospect of using colour in my new home but Andrea’s workshop gave me time, guidance and support to explore colour using the theories of colour psychology. Andrea’s ‘hands on’ approach was inspirational and motivating and I now have a clear starting point for decorating my new home.”

Rebecca Jones


From the studio