Andrea is a designer who is passionate about colour and its transformative power. She intuitively understands the positive influence of colour harmony and how combined with the science of colour psychology it can be used to enhance our living and working environments and ultimately enhance our lives.

Colour is the first thing we respond to when presented with something new - it’s not just visual but evokes a subconscious response too, whether we are aware of it or not. The right colour choices can affect your working and home environment; can be used to reinforce your brand message; affect your sales and also enhance your own personal confidence.

All colours have positive and negative affects so understanding how to use the right combinations can have a huge impact on your business or home.

The colours we wear also say something about ourselves and will have an affect on how others perceive us. Andrea can help you discover your own relationship to colour and show you how to harness the power of colour and use it to its best advantage.

Andrea was taught directly by world renowned colour psychologist - Angela Wright. Her experience with Angela was life changing and she is passionate about sharing her colour expertise with others.

“Colour speaks louder than words and is the principal cue to composition. It affects your bottom line in branding, packaging, web design, interiors and fashion design.”

Angela Wright

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My workshops are designed to reinvigorate your creativity, gain ‘colour confidence’ and help you discover your design style.

" I had felt a little daunted about the prospect of using colour in my new home but Andrea’s workshop gave me time, guidance and support to explore colour using the theories of colour psychology. Andrea’s ‘hands on’ approach was inspirational and motivating and I now have a clear starting point for decorating my new home.”

Rebecca Jones

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