My mission is to inspire, teach and empower people to make their mark and express themselves through colour and creativity in their home and beyond.


At my workshops I teach people about the positive impact the right colour choices can have on themselves, their home, and their business. I give my students the tools and the space to access their creativity, make their mark and have an opportunity to express themselves in meaningful and enjoyable ways.

With my Colour Consultancy and Creative Room Scheming I help my clients transform their spaces with an artistic approach that brings more colour and creativity into homes and workplaces.

With my courses I teach applied colour psychology and mixology so that creative professionals have the knowledge and skills they need to use colour to better effect in their work.


Andrea Curtis is a life-long artist with a passion for colour and an incredible intuitive sense of creative flair that she has been bringing into her work as an artist, designer and consultant for the last 30 years.

A Masters in Print Making, a Degree in Textile Design and a 30 year career in art, design and business, make Andrea well placed to support her clients in the work she does today transforming interiors and enabling colourful creative expression in her students and professional peers.

Completing comprehensive 121 mentoring with the creator of colour psychology Angela Wright, added an in depth understanding of colour psychology to her already impressive skill set which underpins much of her work.

From her early days running a successful business designing and creating homewares for John Lewis, to teaching about colour and art in schools and colleges, to painting murals and designing installations for some of the top retailers in the UK and New Zealand, Andrea’s experience puts her amongst the true heavyweights in her field.

What you get with Andrea though is pure light. All of that knowledge and experience packaged in a light hearted, warm and approachable persona making her a truly empowering and dynamic creative force that is a joy to work with and learn alongside.