Creative Room Scheming


expressing yourself through the canvas of your home

Creative expression in your home is vital to creating a space that resonates with energy, love and a sense of you.

Home is a place where we can be ourselves, liberated from worrying about what others might think and enjoying the opportunity to put our own stamp on the canvas of our environment. 

Making that personal mark comes in many forms - from the colours you choose for the walls, to the patterns and textures, to the objects and paintings you include as decoration. 

All those choices say something about your own aesthetic and what matters to you. Developing the ability to tune into and trust your instincts is an essential part of the process and is central to the way we approach Creative Room Scheming.

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unique, colourful, creative

You are wonderfully unique, so why should your home be anything but a representation of that beautiful individuality? Generic, cookie cutter interiors with no creativity, flair or personality can all too easily become the backdrop to a bland and uninspiring life.

By taking a creative approach to room scheming you can bring the personal touch of the artist’s hand into your home. With Andrea’s Creative Room Scheming process, you bring an eye to the canvas of your space that looks beyond the standard approach to interior design and treats it like an artist would a painting. It becomes an intuitive revelation, an opportunity to create a home that says something about who you are and what you love.

When your guide is someone focussed on bringing out the best in you as well as your rooms there is so much more fun to be had and so much more potential for the end result in your home.

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the Artists Hand in your home

Central to Creative Room Scheming is the inclusion and curation of objects of significance. Paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, personal treasures… arranged and displayed in meaningful ways, help call attention to what’s important and create a personal style for you that sings out from the canvas of each room.

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You can also choose to commission bespoke pieces by Andrea to perfectly compliment your room. Whether that is painting a much loved piece of furniture to give it a new lease of life, creating a mural to add a striking focal point to a wall, floor or ceiling, printing textiles to add impact and detail or a beautiful canvas in your chosen colours, it’s easy to bring the artists hand into your home.

Andrea Curtis creative room scheming

the process

Creative Room Scheming takes you from the blank canvas of your current room or home to a complete room scheme which includes the right colour palette, textile and pattern choices for soft furnishings and wall papers, and all the furniture and styling details that enable you to create a beautiful interior.

If you want support in implementing the scheme with painting, styling and product sourcing then Andrea is willing and able to be the artist in your home and work with you to deliver the finished scheme.


If you would like to find out more about how Creative Room Scheming can help transform your home, get in touch today, I’d love to help.