Colour Consultancy for your Home

Andrea Curtis Colour Consultancy

a colour palette that reflects your personality

Creating a home that is beautiful, truly reflects your family personality, and feels like a haven from the world is something we all aspire to. In my experience, the heart and soul of a home shines through once someone really owns their style and aesthetic. Discovering your natural affinity to certain colours is the beginning of this journey.

Using applied colour psychology you can discover the colour group or season you are naturally aligned to and as you see your home come to life with colours that resonate with your personality, you will begin to recognise yourself and what you need in your home to create more of the life you want to live.

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a colour palette to support the life you want to live

Colour Consultancy is a process that enables you to find a unique colour palette for your home that resonates with you and supports you and your family in myriad ways.

Through my creative process, underpinned by the art and science of Colour Psychology we go on a journey into a world of colour and emerge with a newly realised sense of self, and a moodboard of colours that you love you can put to work in your home to bring you more happiness.


make clear and confidence colour choices in your home

Colour Consultancy is where all my work with interiors begins and is the fundamental first step before we can move on to Creative Room Scheming.

If you want to be able to make clear and confident colour choices for your home whether you’re tackling the whole house, one room or a much loved piece of furniture, the Colour Consultancy process is revealing, transformative, creative and thoroughly enjoyable.

To find your perfect palette today get in touch for more information on how we can work together.