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Colour Mixology


A totally immersive two day colour workshop for creatives or anyone who wants to rediscover the joy of colour. If you work with colour in any way then this workshop will be invaluable for your understanding of how colour ‘works’ on both an aesthetic and psychological level.

Learn about colour theory, subjective colour and colour psychology through practical exercises and colour mixing.

Our response to colour is largely instinctive and if you work with colour already then you probably have pretty good colour instincts. This workshop however will take your understanding to a different level - starting with the theories behind colour psychology and colour harmony on day one. We will then explore your deeper understanding of how to recognise tones in colours - can you recognise a warm blue or a cool red; how to create colours and how to apply this knowledge to your working practice.

By understanding colour and its psychological properties you will have a deeper connection with any client brief whether its for branding, interior design, product design, fashion.

As an added bonus you will also discover your own subjective colours and which colours you naturally align to.

colour mixing and subjective colour

colour mix photos.jpg

Day 1

Is spent learning about colour psychology and the theories behind colour harmony.

You will discover your own natural affinity with colour and how colour affects you and your experience of colour.

We will explore the theories of Angela Wright and the four personality groups and how they relate to colour psychology.

We will uncover the science of colour harmony and how to combine this with colour psychology.

Day 2

Is a day of painting and creating colour

You will discover your own subjective colours through a series of fun creative exercises

You will learn to correctly create colour to represent the four tonal colour groups of colour psychology which will be invaluable in your day to day working practice.

applied colour psychology and colour harmony


Rediscover the ‘joy’ of working with colour

Re connect with your creativity and yourself through colour

Gain knowledge of how colour works on a psychological level - invaluable to connect to your clients in a truly authentic way