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leverage the power of your space to tell your brand story

To tell a consistent brand story and create the impact you desire, it’s vital that all your efforts pull in the same direction. Communications, website, logos and imagery are often the first things we think about when we have a message to convey and it’s essential that we do, but if we neglect to consider how our spaces are designed and decorated, we miss a vital thread in the fabric of our customer experience and overlook an opportunity to portray our brand with power and intent.

Colour is key. It is the first element of design we respond to, whether we are aware of it or not, and it can have the biggest impact on our emotional connection to a brand.

Have you ever really considered the effect that colour has in a space? Whether it’s to encourage productivity, create a calm, invite reflection, enhance well being, prompt decisiveness, creativity, inspiration… the colours we choose can transform the purpose and effectiveness of a space in an instant.

Using applied colour psychology combined with psychological properties of colour we can predict with a high level of accuracy how people will respond to certain colour combinations.

Andrea is expert at taking your brand story and translating that into the interior space of your business - whether its a shop front, a restaurant, a hotel or behind the scenes workplace- your interior space will benefit from using the right colours for your brand by putting your brand values and message at the forefront of your design scheme.

“Andrea’s suggestions on how to incorporate our branding and present just the right image for our stand at 100% design were spot on. We already had a broad outline of what we wanted but felt it didn’t quite reflect our brand style - it felt too corporate. Andrea’s creative ideas and designs were a real turning point , especially the introduction of a new colour alongside our existing branding which immediately personalised our brand image and felt more like us. I would never have believed what a difference adding one colour could make.

We had a fantastically successful show and felt that our stand perfectly reflected our brand identity. I couldn’t recommend Andrea more highly.”

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Andrea Curtis commercial interiors

How can colour add value ?

Shops and restaurants - create spaces that engage emotionally with your customer and emphasise your brand message with the correct colour combinations and surface textures thus adding authenticity to your brand and increasing sales.

Office space - create an environment that encourages productivity and where staff feel comfortable to work. Clever use of colour and simple design tricks can easily transform a space from feeling dull and uninspiring to joyful and energised.

Dentist and doctors surgeries - why do these places always feel so unwelcoming ? They are often painted white and although this colour is perceived to be clean and sterile it can also come across as cold and unfriendly. It costs no more to paint a colour on the wall and together with a considered design approach these spaces could be transformed into something warm and welcoming. It might even help people feel calmer and less inclined to complain when everything is running late !

Holiday lets and Hotels - when someone goes on holiday they want to be transported to another place. Your colour and design choices can all enhance the experience you are trying to sell and help connect with your ideal client. Happier clients means repeat business !

Hospices, hospitals - changing the colours on the walls can immediately change the experience for your patients. Even Florence Nightingale recognised that patients recovery was greatly enhanced when they were surrounded by colour and beauty.

Andrea Curtis commercial interiors

Work with me and let’s transform your space

I work with both interior spaces and exteriors of buildings, providing a colour palette for all surface finishes inc flooring, cabinetry, panelling, cladding, bricks, tile etc .

I can also create bespoke surface finishes for walls and fabrics.

Taking into account how you want your space to look and feel, who is going to use it and how is it going to be used, I will create a tailored colour palette and specification for any finishes.

You will have a cohesive, colour scheme that aligns form and function with the impact you want to create with your unique brand.

To find our more about how the process works