Colour for your home



Creating a home that is beautiful, truly reflects your family personality, and feels like a haven from the world is something we all aspire to. However, this takes time, and truly beautiful homes usually develop organically over a period of years as the home owner adds and takes away decorative objects and furnishings. They might even change a colour here and there too, but from my experience, the heart and soul of a home rarely changes once someone really owns their style and aesthetic.

Discovering your natural affinity to certain colours is the beginning of this journey. Using applied colour psychology you can discover the colour group you are naturally aligned to and as you see your home come to life with colours that resonate with your personality, you will begin to recognise yourself and what you need in your home to create your aspirations.



“We’ve just had an extension built and I don’t want to mess it up by painting it the wrong colour. Shall I just paint it white ?”

Only if you love white !! As colour is the main element that dictates the feeling in a space if you choose white, all other design choices will be made on that basis. So for example, if the room is painted white you will choose your flooring, soft furnishings or even your kitchen based on a white room. If you then decide you can’t live with white and want to paint it a colour you will be compromised by the choices you’ve made matching to a white room.

I would always suggest starting with colour - by getting the colour scheme right in the beginning you will make all the right design choices when it comes to everything else.

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“I sort of know what I want but am just struggling with the colours.”

That’s a great start. I can help you define the colours that feel right for you. Together we can create a colour moodboard and look at how the colours can work through the whole house - this will give you confidence to go ahead with your design choices.

“Andrea has such a good understanding of colour - she quickly and easily put my ideas into reality giving me more confidence in my choices. She can see undertones in colours I can’t and together we created a beautiful colour palette for my home that totally reflects everything I love.”


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“I want to make some changes to the colours in my home but we have to keep the kitchen and the flooring. I’m not sure how to tie everything together”

This is a very common problem as most people are not able to change everything in their house. I can show you a few colour and design tricks to overcome this - there are lots of ways to lessen the impact of undesirable design features - and help you produce a decorative scheme that you can be happy with.

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“We’ve just moved into our ‘forever’ home and I want to make changes but feel a bit overwhelmed with what has to be done. I want to get it right first time and not waste money on expensive mistakes - it’s not just wall colour but I need to decide carpet, tiles and flooring.”

I can help take away some of that stress by talking through your ideas and creating a clear direction for your project. I will produce colour moodboards which will instantly make it easier and quicker to choose carpets and flooring. I will also produce colour drawings illustrating how the colour scheme looks in the house. I can also supervise the decorating process by organising decorators; buying paint and generally be on hand to advise on any other decorative decisions.

“When I bought a new build house that was top to bottom magnolia, I knew I had to get the whole house painted. I had a restricted time frame to make any changes before we moved in and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and get it wrong ! Andrea created a colour scheme that I was totally delighted with, especially the way each colour was used to create flow through the house. It was 100% worth it and gave me total confidence when finally booking a decorator.”


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Your investment

If all this has inspired you to create a beautiful home for you and your family then please get in touch.

I can create a colour scheme (and peace of mind !) inc paint colours and all surfaces - flooring, kitchen cupboards, worktops, tiles etc; colour sampling; colour mood boards; colour drawings; organise decorators and on site visits during decorating to ensure that everything is going to plan.

Please email me to discuss your project and I can provide a quote.

Your investment starts at £450 for colour and surface finishes, depending on no of rooms.